Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

It was kind of a slow night at the Tree House this week, but we had some new artists come out which what I really look forward to.

1. Ben Garvey – I must have played 15 songs throughout the night. That should give me some good practice for Saturday’s gig at Marathon on the Square where I’ll be playing 25 – 30 songs.

2. Jeff Ray and Toddy J. – It was their first time at the Tree House and these guys are the ideal opening acts. They used two guitars and two mics allowing me to set the levels for everything at once. It ended up being one of the better sounding nights, so thanks guys. They’re playing the Barrington Coffee House next Friday.

3. Cynthia Bennett – Attention Cynthia fans: She’s playing Doc Watson’s on Wednesday, November 5th at 8:45PM.

4. The Forest Greens – They told me their last song sucked, but I liked it the best. I’m looking forward to the good version.

5. Bob Michel – I’ve probably heard Bob’s first song before, but I really liked it this time around. What was it called?

6. Sarah Allen – She decided not to wear her pimp hat while playing (it was purchased in DC, so it may be authentic), but she sounded great anyway.

7. Willie Tapps – He’s the premier open mic regular and we’re all better for it.

8. Anthony – I’m glad he finally got to play again. It seems like every time he comes in the signup list is a mile long.

9. Bruce, Ethan, and Ben – Honestly, I thought this father and sons trio was going to sound like a train wreck, but I was wrong. Ethan is among the top three violin players we’ve had in there and Ben is 11 years old and plays near perfect rhythm guitar. Their dad isn’t bad at the banjo, either. They played together like they’ve been practicing their fingers off and I hope they come back.

10. Jarod – Jarod stopped by and played a few songs, either because he likes the open mic or he lives upstairs and wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway.