Thanks for Coming Out

We had a nice turnout for Friday and Saturday’s Tree House shows. Sarah, Cathy, Roz, Jason, Willie, Adrien, and Keith put on a great show. I ended up going on fairly late tonight and busted a freakin string during “I’m a Lesbian Trapped in a Man’s Body,” but other that that it went well. Adrien let me borrow her guitar, which was awesome because I’ve wanted to play it forever. I learned how to play on a Guild and they’re awesome guitars.

Here are some pictures from the Saturday show.

To those of you who couldn’t make it to the Tree House this weekend you missed….

1. Adrien’s rocking cover of “Walk Like an Egyptian”
2. Seeing Dom without his Gilligan hat. I always thought for sure he was bald or had a fin he hid underneath it.
3. Willie adjusting the fan for the performers.
4. Roz playing “Christmas in a Trailer Park” in August without anyone making obvious comments about how far away Christmas is.

Thanks to everyone who came just to hang out!For those interested, my set included:

The Genius of it All
Nirvana’s Serve the Servants
I Hope I Die on the Moon
All My Dreams are in Cartoon
16 – 18
I’m a Lesbian Trapped in Man’s Body
The Monkees’ Day Dream Believer
Beck’s Lord Only Knows
John Prine’s That’s the Way the World Goes ’round