Open Mic Recap @ The Tree House

Last Wednesday was an interesting night at the Tree House. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to play for the first time since I started hosting. My Dad came out for the first time and I think he liked it enough that he’ll come back.

Just a reminder, the following open mic artists are playing TONIGHT:
Jason Wheatley
Roz King
Sarah Allen
Cathy McCleod

Willie Tapps
Adrien Reju
Keith Lewis
Ben Garvey

John Shaughnessy is also playing the Collingswood Farmers Market on Haddon Ave from 9:00AM to noon on Saturday.

1. Leo – A good classical guitar player.

2. Jason Jeffries – Thanks for helping me out with the sound check. Jason is an friendly guy and a solid songwriter.

3. Cynthia – I sent you an email.

4. Dom – Dom’s music has grown on me over the last few years. My Dad thought he was really good.

5. Mark Garvey – I was going to play my alien abduction song, “99%,” in honor of the Martian event, but my dad totally 1-upped me by playing John Prine’s “Melinda’s Gone to Mars.” He also played his favorite of the last few years, Todd Snyder’s “Plastic Girl.” He sounded great and I think he had a good time.

6. Matt Winn – Matt’s going back to college, so he won’t be in every week. His music is awesome and weird and we’ll miss it.

7. Roz King – No more electric shocks, so that’s a plus.

8. Phil – I let Phil sneak in a little early so he could get Straz home. He has a great sound and did a great cover of Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees” that I’m sure Jeanne loved.

9. Willie Tapps – He’s playing with us tomorrow night at the Tree House and it’s going to be great.

10. Ray McGeehan – Ray is really good, but was probably missed the rowdy jersey girls from last week.

11. 5ara4 A113n – Sarah is playing tonight at the Tree House and you should definitely check it out.

12. Adrien Reju – Her country song “Floating,” has been stuck in my head since Wednesday.

13. Keith Lewis – You can catch Keith on Saturday as well.

14. Dylan O’Hearn – Played a Jerry Garcia song and sounded good.

15. Cathy McCleod – Cathy once again closed the night with two songs and should be ready to play tonight!