Good Review for New Frank Black Album

I’m a huge Pixies/Frank Black fan, but some of his newer stuff hasn’t been that great with the exception of “Dog in the Sand.” It’s nice to see his latest album, “Show Me Your Tears” getting good press from review from one of my favorite music sites.

I?m no Frank Black expert, but I know what I like. I like the sound of a band properly aping classic rock song structures, the vibe of an album recorded live, in the moment, and the scream of a grown man gone wild. Conveniently, Monsieur Noir and his merry band of papists meet all of the above prerequisites and then some on Show Me Your Tears, Frank?s sixth album with the Catholics and his fifth release this century.

Those of you wise enough to purchase this record should make sure to turn it up loud for the first listen so as to fully appreciate the bad-bitch theme song of an opener.

Hopefully this means Frank will come around to Philly again.


2 responses to “Good Review for New Frank Black Album”

  1. ben, i first heard of your website when a bandmate sent me an email of an invitation you sent my band (futureman) to play an open mic. when i saw your site, i was pleased to discover that you like the pixies, frank black and the catholics, the white stripes, radiohead and nirvana.
    anyway, while on the subject i’ll have to check this new frank black album out sometime. i own blacks first 5 solo releases. all good stuff. especially teenager of the year. i once saw mr. black at the troc and i happened to be right up against the stage, right in the middle. that’s right, the pixies frontman was standing right in front of me. it was awesome.

  2. I like his self titled album and Teenager of the Year. Cult of Ray is pretty bad with the exception of a few songs. Dog in the Sand is awesome and I like about half of Devil’s Workshop. Black Letter Days is tough to listen to. Hopefully I’ll like the new album, because when Frank’s good, he’s awesome.