Adam Brodsky’s 50 in 50 Progress

As far as we know, Adam Brodsky is still living through his goal to play 50 shows in 50 states in 50 days. According to his itinerary he’s in my homestate of Illinois today. Philly Weekly even let him even write about the trip so far.

The coolest thing ever just happened. I’m in the Florida panhandle, buying my daily $50 of gasoline and a Slim Jim and a bottle of reverse osmosis water, and the gum-chewing crackerteen behind the register is ringing me up while she’s talking to her much older, more sparsely toothed co-worker.

I’m not really paying attention to anything except my Slim Jim, ’cause, like all boys, I’m obsessed with my own Slim Jim and fearful that it’s too slim, or not slim enough, or whatever. And actually in this instance I see that I have chosen a nacho cheese Jim, when what I really wanted was original flavor.

This is distressing, almost so distressing that I didn’t hear my own name–well not actually my name, but one so similar that it made me look up, tune in and eavesdrop on the last part of the conversation. Adam Broad (rhymes with choad) ski (no pronounciatory difference from the -sky ending, but much more annoying).

“Huh? That sounds like me.” I thought.

Anyway, crackerteen was telling the middle-aged minimum-wage earner*, “Yeah, he’s driving around the whole country playing concerts.”

“Hmmm,” I thought, “that sounds familiar. I bet I could give that guy a few tips.”

“He’s setting some kind of record,” crackerteen continued.

“Hey, this is starting to get spooky,” I thought.

“So I went to the website, and it was all F-this and F-that and lots of talk about the Lord.” She actually called him the Lord. “He’s playing down there** tonight, but I told Holly not to go.”

I always hear about people trying to do things like this and I always assume that no matter how remarkable the attempt is, the person wouldn’t be doing it unless they were sure it could be pulled off. I don’t get that feeling at all with Adam. One flat tire or minor accident could ruin the entire trip. If he gets close to the end, I might even have to buy tickets for his last show on September 21st. Oh wait, I just realized he added The Velvet Lounge in DC. They don’t get any Senators, but at least someone recognizes them as a state. Hey Adam, I hear there’s a cool coffee shop opening in Puerto Rico soon.