g-love (lottery)

i went to the grape street pub in manayunk not knowing what to expect. we knew that g-love was gona be there. so we got there early knowing the place was going to be packed. about 7:30 he showed up for sound check. their was only about 9 people in the whole place. he played about two songs and i was blown away. after his sound check we had the chance to chat with him for a couple of minnutes. i sugest anyone who likes g-love to check him out at the feastival pear at penns landing aug. 10. and keep an eye out for his side project, lottery.


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  1. Hey someone used my Submit News link! I was actually going to post something about G-Love’s appearence, but you beat me to it. I only found out about it this morning, and I was hosting the open mic anyway. I think I’ve seen G-Love and Special Sauce about 4 times, but by far the best was at my school’s tavern, which is about the size of Grape Street.

    Whoever sent this in did it anonymously, so fess up!

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    I was also at Grape Street to see G’s new project – Lottery. He was fantastic as always!! I hope he keeps Lottery going for a while. I have to say a very nice unexpected suprise was Jeremy Hollis – he kicked ass!

  3. I’ve been talking about Jeremy for a while on this site. Every time I see him at Grape Street’s open mic he’s great. I’ll have to catch one of his full shows some time.