Open Mic Recap @ the Tree House

It was night #2 for me as the host of the Tree House open mic and it went great! I won’t pretend scheduling everyone to play went perfectly smooth and there wasn’t the occasional feedback explosion, but we had great musicians and good sound for most of the night.

This was the first week I used the Internet sign up form and I had a hard time joining the list from the web and the list of people who signed up in person. To get around this, next week I’ll be showing up a lot earlier (the music will start at 8:00PM next week) and the Internet list will be the start of the final list. I tried to accommodate everyone tonight, so if I asked you to play a certain time don’t take it personal.

Everyone rocked tonight. Here was the final list.

1. Ben Garvey – (he sucked) Played “Why Now Satan?” and “I Hope I Die on the Moon”
2. August Sky – This couple sounds great and will be playing the Tree House pretty soon.
3. Mark Penza – My cousin and he rocks for playing his alien abduction song he wrote years ago. He knows I like it.
4. Barry Dwier – He gets the record for the tallest open mic act I’ve ever seen. He was awesome, especially hiis cover of NIN’s “Hurt,” which he did the Johnny Cash way.
5. Chuck and Dan – Good bass and acoustic duo.
6. Maria – She keeps getting better and I hope she hangs out a lot like last summer. Rocking Ben Harper cover.
7. Matt Winn – My favorite martian guitarist. I’d say this was one of the best performances I’ve seen him do. He should be doing soundtracks for short films. Weird short films.
8. Keith Lewis – Sure the song wasn’t about Willie Tapps, but Keith, I secretly think you meant this Willie.
9. Willie Tapps w/Danielle – Danielle sounded great on the flute and Willie gave his usual awesome performance.
10. Aaron – Played a Ryan Adams cover on my guitar. If it had been Brian Adams, it probably would have burst into flames or possibly caused Aaron’s fingers to bleed.
11. Roz King – My favorite part was the little snake charming Indian scale he played between songs.
12. John Shaughnessy – Anybody who covers local bands gets praise from me. I’ll have to start working on a cover of some local artists.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. Remember, next week starts at 8:00PM!


4 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ the Tree House”

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    I would just like to say that the white stripes version of”One more cup of coffee for the road ” is the cooliest thing I have heard in years the contrast blows my mind.

  2. I havn’t heard that yet.

  3. It’s on that record with the red and white stipes It’s a BD tune

  4. I looked it up and its on their self-titled album, which is the only one I don’t have.