Sign Up for the Open Mic Online

I fulfilled my promise of putting up a way for people to sign up for the Tree House’s Wednesday open mic online.

Sign up here for this week’s open mic.

If you’re logged in and saved a website address in your profile, the signup sheet will link your name to your website. Another cool feature is that you can go by whatever name you want on the list, even if you’re a logged in. There is also a space to let me know what requirements you need to play. Do you need a chair? Two mics? Singing lessons? It’s easier if I know ahead of time. You can also use the space to proclaim your greatness/humbleness/nervousness/excitedness/lochness/etc.


2 responses to “Sign Up for the Open Mic Online”

  1. this is cool,no I don’t sleep

  2. I see you registered another username. Is the “forgot” password thing not working?