Finding Nemo

I really liked Finding Nemo. I’m not sure how Pixar put out 5 quality films in a row. You can’t help but be impressed, especially compared to the complete and utter crap from Disney’s traditional animation studio.

I didn’t really like Shrek, and wasn’t crazy about Ice Age (and not because Blue Sky turned me down on a job interview), but somehow Pixar manages to write good stories, refrain from milking sequels (only one so far), and make their movies look even better each time around. I thought Monster’s Inc. looked incredible, but visually, Nemo beats the snot out of anything done before.


2 responses to “Finding Nemo”

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    i haven’t seen the fish movie but I saw ice age with my cousin and I was embarrassed just watching it, I thought it was so bad. shrek was occasionally funny sometimes once or twice, but it was basically mike meyer’s bad (potty humor) side.
    i liked monsters inc 🙂

  2. I’m sure Pixar will eventually put out a flop, but so far Shrek and Ice Age aren’t better than any of Pixar’s 5 movies. Finding Nemo was great.