Open Mic Recap @ the Tree House

A pretty uneventful night at the Tree House. I learned a little more about the sound board, and even got some feedback of my own during my set. I played “16-18,” Beck’s “Lord Only Knows,” “The Genius of it All,” and “Why Now Satan.”

The only performers were Sarah Allen, Willie Tapps, Roz King, Aaron, Pat, and myself, so things closed up pretty early. At least there were a bunch of customers by the end of the night.

I always said I needed to get a new Living Room icon, but now I really need one. I guess I could borrow an image from their website, but I’d rather take a picture of the place from the outside.


4 responses to “Open Mic Recap @ the Tree House”

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    some friends and i were going to stop in last night after dinner at the tortilla press but with the ridiculous lightning and storm action we just went home soaked. looking forward to checking it out next week.


  2. The Christian open mics are on Thursday and they leave Wednesdays to the heathens. I’ve never been to the Christian open mic, but there are probably some good performers and it seems to be very popular.

    How was the Tortilla Press? I haven’t been there since it opened?

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    my wife designed their logo, website ( and a couple of pieces in the restaurant, so we go there fairly often and we’ve known the owners for about three years now.

    the menu is higher priced than most mexican restaurants but what they do is closer to a gourmet take on mexican food with nice variety and interesting specials. the appetizers are great, they make their own bean salsa and guacamole, and they make some fantastic entrees with my favorite being the rainbow shrimp. the desserts rock too.

    i believe they’re going to expand their menu to include more authentic style and traditional stuff that you may find at the mexican food factory, el azteca or la esperanza, all of which i also wholeheartedly recommend. oh man, i like to eat!


  4. I went there right after it opened and I mentioned it here. All of a sudden I got tons of hits from people looking for it on google. I’ve always wanted to go back but never got around to it.

    Their guacamole is awesome.