Avergating Your Parents – Part 2

If you liked Part 1 of “Avergating Your Parents,” you’ll love Part 2. In it you’ll learn important lessons like, “How to Keep Your Mother from Going to the Mall,” “How to Stay Up Late (Without Even Trying),” and “How to Handle a Babysitter.” Julia claims I must have been older than 5 when I did this and I agree with her. I think 6 or 7 is probably more accurate.

The screeching noise you hear is our old bird Sweetie.

Avergating Your Parents – Part 2

Avergating Your Parents – Part 1

Sorry, but Part 3 was never finished.


2 responses to “Avergating Your Parents – Part 2”

  1. This confirmed my idea that knowing how to avoid getting hit was a direct result of “avergating your parents”.

    It sounds like you wrote all of this out before you recorded it. Your poor parents, you were an evil child!

    You’ve convinced me never to buy a bird.

  2. Actually I was a really good kid. Definitely not evil.