GSP Sound Man on Fez Selections

The Grape Street Pub’s sound guy and host of the Monday night Anime screenings, Mike, criticized the Y-100 Feztival selections last year as being out of sync with the expected crowds.

the only local bands that got any attention whatsoever on any stage were the Red King and Pilot ’round the Sun? The problem was that the station mostly booked the wrong styles of acts that the typical Fez-goer had no interest in. While good, bands like Town Hall and Stargazer are generally loathed or at the very least, ignored by the skatey-punkish, rough, edgy music devotee that usually attends the concert.. Why doesn’t the station want more compatable acts on the side or main stages? I think it’s more of a record company-weasel thing if you ask me. What do you think the vps’ of Sony, Universal or whoever would have done to y100 execs’ had bands like Isle of Q or Poppycock Babble or Planetary had gone on ahead of lackluster sets by Incubus or any of those cookie-cutter ‘anger-boy’ bands of the week?

Personally, I have a hard time believing big time record executives are afraid of their premier acts getting upstaged by local talent, but booking bands that compliment the headliners should be a top priority.