TRL is Bad

Former Living Room open mic host, Roz King, wrote a chaotic indictment of MTV’s Total Request Live.

TRL a good sign that are children are sexually frustrated as they should be or a sign of absolute social failure to it’s main biologicial objective (to teach it’s children and evolve the mind of man)?

I call pop culture/Industry “The Church of Cool”

Roz’s opinion is pretty similar to most musicians, but the article is worth reading just for the interesting use of grammar.


2 responses to “TRL is Bad”

  1. Hey,Ben I’m just a bad writer that’s all.I have real problems writing in a straight line but thanks for the post if you want you can be the editor for my website cause I’m gonna start doing reveiws of random bands.Roz

  2. Just send me an email when you put up a review and I’ll probably link to it.