New MP3s

If you’re a registered user you should see a few links at the top of this page for MP3s of my April 8th set at the GSP open mic. Because one of my database tables became corrupted last week everyone has to log back in if you haven’t done so already. Sorry about that. The reason I’m not putting the files in my normal downloads section is that I don’t want casual listeners hearing them. If you like my stuff then it isn’t too much trouble to ask that you log in first. Hell, if you have a big problem with logging in just email me and I’ll send you the links to the files.

These new strings I put on kick @$$! I usually hate how new strings sound so bright, but Elixirs seem worn in and have a coating that quiets finger squeaks. Why the hell didn’t I try these sooner?

I’m not sure how I missed it, but the White Stripes were on Conan this whole week. Last night they played The Hardest Button to Button, one of the best from Elephant. You can catch it again tonight on Comedy Central at 7:00PM EST.


4 responses to “New MP3s”

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    Ben, what happened? You used to be a man of the people. But now…Elixir strings? What, you’re too good for those good ol’ D’Addarios made from recycled Natty Light cans and melted down Iraqi dinars?

    Actually, I do want to try those….

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    oh yeah, above comment is from Brian…d’oh!

  3. That was obvious to me.

  4. Don’t worry I’ll probably be bitching in about 4 days when I brake a string.

    They do sound pretty sweet though. I’ve never heard much of a difference between brands unless I switched gauges. I hear a big difference with these.