Living Room Open Mic?

I don’t know whether there is going to be an open mic tonight at the Living Room in Collingswood, NJ. If the rumors of shutting down Wednesday nights are true then I’ll be pretty disappointed. I had a lot of fun going there each week, especially last summer. I don’t even want to know how many times I’ve been to that open mic in the last year (you can count them if you want, because I’ve logged them all on this site).

If you were planning on going, go anyway. If a lot of people show up they’ll probably keep things going. If not, I’m sure some other local open mic will open soon. I’ve heard about a new place in Barrington, NJ that has open mics. Anyone know the name? Also, Port City Java in Deptford, NJ has open mics every Thursday and the Concorde Cafe in Aston, PA has them every Wednesday. I haven’t been to either one so I can’t tell you what they’re like.

Update: According to Roz, it’s on.

Yeah It’s happening tonight , But it’s probably the last one so, let’s have fun.


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    Yeah It’s happening tonight , But it’s probably the last one so ,let’s have fun. Roz

  2. That’s cool, but I still don’t understand the economics of why they’re closing it down. The only time I ever see more than 2 people in there is at night when they have entertainment.

    Yes, I know I’m using the word “entertainment” liberally.

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    Damn, that sucks. I really like the Living Room Open Mic. It always felt really comfortable there, and I was glad to have a hometown outlet for my music, that would be there when I wanted it. I would have come out more, but forces seemed to be conspiring against me doing so lately (I’ve had a Wednesday night conflict for awhile).
    Maybe l might try to get down there tonight…..
    John Shaughnessy

  4. I liked it because it’s within walking distance for me.