nowayscoob back online

I almost gave up on nowayscoob’s website, which laid unloved for a few months while Justin frollicked around irresponsibly. It’s certainly not Kopie’s fault their website went updateless since January, because he had other duties. At least their reputation is somewhat redeemed by a long update and some good advice about attending Trocadero events:

I figured it was time to update the website. I think two months is a long enough lull. Not that there’s anything to write about, but I just don’t wanna give you all the impression that I’m lazy. Although, I am.

Word to the wise: when seeing a concert at the Troc, avoid upstairs viewing AT ALL COSTS. We went upstairs, figuring ‘Hey, beer, seats, perfect view, no annoying kids…perfect!’ No Knife came out and they’re not sounding so hot…. oh well, deal with it. Then Cursive comes out and they sound like shit too! So we go downstairs and they’re fucking awesome! Upstairs at the Troc sucks! We could’ve been downstairs rockin out to No Knife, but instead we were up there, thinkin they were shit.

Upstairs asscoustics can also be found at the Mann Music Center. Read the rest of Justin’s update at