Comment Avatars Working

This site uses software called PostNuke to handle all the content and one thing that has always bugged me is that it allows users to set an avatar, but doesn’t use the avatars anywhere on the site. From now on, if you’re logged in and you post a comment the avatar will be shown next to your name. To set your avatar, login and head here.

Post a comment and try it out.


8 responses to “Comment Avatars Working”

  1. See? It works (I hope)

  2. Yes, but when can we link to our own custom pr0n avatars instead? 😉

  3. Hmm… the database stored your avatar in the comment, but it’s still not showing. I’ll have to track that down tonight.

  4.  Avatar


  5. You need to be logged in and have an avatar selected for it to work.

  6. For the record, PostNuke’s NS-Comments module is one of the worst coded ones I’ve seen yet. It’s insane how much PHP code gets repeated over and ove.

  7. Wedge Avatar

    i agree. i found your site from your post on the postnuke forum, as i was trying to find support on the exact subject.

    i was thinking about modifying one of the get_userdata functions from the private message module. may I ask how you went about it?

    you should really submit your code to the postnuke dev team for consideration.

  8. I can tell you from experience, the comments module is coded very poorly. It needs to be totally rewritten.