Thanks for Coming Out!!

I had a lot of fun at last night’s show. Jason rocks for having me open up for him and so does everyone for coming out (Sarah, Jeanne, Mark, Rich, Vinnie, Kevin, Joanne, and Adam). I’ll post some pictures of the show later on when I get a chance. I did a set of almost all originals:

“The Genius of it All”
“I Hope I Die on the Moon”
“Why Now Satan?” (My wrist barely made it through this one)
“All My Dreams are in Cartoon “
Gomez’s “Get Miles”
The Pixies’ “Mr Grieves”

I was going to do another short set during Jason’s break, but I unreluctantly gave it up to alien guitar player, Matt Winn. I saw Matt play a lot last summer and the guy has grown into a kick ass performer. He gave me a copy of his CD, so I’ll have to let you know how it is.

Jason played great as always. He has an ability to talk to an audience that I’ll never be able to compete with. He has some more gigs coming up thanks to his girlfriend/booking agent, so check him out if you can.