Open Mic Recap @ The Grape Street Pub: St Patrick’s Day

Last night Adam and I headed out to the Grape Street Pub’s open mic, hosted by Tom Gillam and bartender Andrew Geigert. The lineup was an insane collection of talent including featured artist, Seth Horan (formerly of Vertical Horizon), mcgowan, Jeremy Hollis, Jason Wheatley (who has a gig there this Thursday night at 8:00PM!), and a bunch of other great artists. I try not to give every open mic I recap the same glossy approval, because it dillutes my real positive comments. Last night was really, really good. I only have two complaints and one was my own fault. First, the sound wasn’t loud enough to overcome the large St. Patrick’s Day crowd. Second, I showed up at 7:40PM (10 minutes after the place opens) and signed up 16th on the list! I didn’t stay long enough to play, but I caught Seth’s great set before heading out. I guess that will teach me to show up earlier.

Mike the sound guy now runs an Anime party upstairs on Monday nights. My exposure to Anime has been limited to the garbage they show on the Cartoon Network, but Ghost in the Shell was actually pretty cool. I could watch it without gouging my eyes out.