Movie / TV Radar

I had an interesting thought the other day. I think my movie radar is pretty good. After watching a preview trailer I can usually tell which movies I’ll like and which ones I’ll hate. Of course there are a few exceptions (liked Election, hated Best in Show), but for the most part my radar is accurate. My TV radar is awful. Every television show I enjoy looked hideous to me when it first came out.

Conan O’Brien – That he even got the chance to do a late night talk show is amazing. I couldn’t believe how stupid NBC was to put this guy in Letterman’s slot, but I was proven completely wrong. Conan is the best.
That 70’s Show – I used to cringe during their promos. I’ve reluctantly admitted this show is pretty funny.
Six Feet Under – A show about undertakers sounded like it was trying to be too edgy and I hated the obvious title. Now I want my funeral to be at Fisher and Son’s just so I can jump up and scare the crap out of Rico while he’s putting my face back together.