Site Traffic Rocking

Thanks to various websites, message boards, word of e-mouth, and a link in the Need To Know newsletter, this site transferred more data in February than the past 8 months combined. On Friday I saw 240 guests on here at one time. My previous record was a mere 36.

Thanks to all the sites who linked to my Revised Terror Alert System, especially NTK, The People’s Republic of Seabrook, MyGeekdom, and Sugar, Mr. Poon?

One website I thought would like the monster scale was, but their registration process is horribly broken. You have to wait 24 hours before you can post anything, and I never got the final confirmation email. Now it tells me my email address is already in their database and I can’t register. Any Total Farkers out there who want to submit the story should feel free.

Jeanne and I and a few friends had dinner at the Emerald Fish in Cherry Hill last night. Highly recommended.