Open Mic Recap @ Doc Watson’s Pub

My second trip to the Doc Watson’s Pub open mic was not as good as the first time. They had a nice sized crowd and a good mix of musicians including some decent bands, but each act seemed disconnected as if everyone was just playing for themselves and not the crowd. Either that or I just drank my Red Bull too fast before I went on stage. I played “I Hope I Die on the Moon,” “The Genius of it All,” and “Why Now Satan.”

I did meet a few people that night, including Dan the host (he had a great song about his hand), the featured artist John Goushian, who printed up business cards but uses a free website hoster, Chris the comedian with a few decent jokes (stand up comedy is HARD), and extra-star of Hack, David M. Stibon, who ALSO has business cards to promote his career as an extra on Hack. Actually, I just checked the back of these business cards and it says, “ Business Cards are FREE at!” I went to the vistaprint website trying to see how they could make money printing free business cards when I realized I just linked to them in the previous sentence. They’re getting you to hand out 250 business cards for them by letting you put something on the other side. Not a bad idea. My favorite band of the night was “You Mess with the Bull, You Get the Horns.” What bugs me is that I’ve been playing guitar for 8 years and these guys looked young enough to be playing for 3-5 tops and could probably play better with their feet than I could with 4 hands and a few extra brain cells.

Doc Watson’s seems to love hiring new people. I made a crack last time about Doc’s bartenders all being brand new and last night they had two brand new bartenders as well. I’m not sure why that strikes me as odd.

Jack over at The People’s Republic of Seabrook thinks I should be the next Director of Homeland Security. My first task as Director would be to headlock the Secretary of Defense until he admitted his budget doesn’t just go towards defense. Next, I would sign defensive star Hugh Douglas to a long term deal. Lastly, I would give any leftover money to Old Man Murray so they could go back online.

The 2nd coolest person I know from Tulsa, OK gave a nice shout out from his site to the Revised Terror Alert Rating System. Thanks.

RIP Mr. Rogers