Open Mic Recap @ The Living Room

I made a minor change to the flyer last night. You can fix anything with Duct Tape. Too bad I didn’t have this until 3 days before the show! I’d like to also announce that I’ll have special guest Mark Penza doing a few songs during my break.

The Wednesday Living Room open mic rocked for several reasons. Roz King, Jason Wheatley, Willie Tapps, Keith Lewis and John Shaughnessy all played great sets, especially Jason who has a gig there this Friday. 15 year old Sarah (something, don’t remember the last name) played 3 covers including an awesome version of the Cure’s “You” and some Pink Floyd song that has to be the shortest one they ever wrote. I’ll go on record and say she had the best cover selections of any 15 year old I’ve ever heard play at an open mic, not to mention her great voice and surprisingly good guitar work. I hope she comes out again. The night ended with an invasion from the Thursday/Sunday night Christain open mic. They had a four piece band with a singer, a guitarist, a bongo player, and a Christian beatboxer! I’ve always wondered what the Christian open mics are like and now I think they’re probably a lot like the regular open mics, except we worship Willie Tapps instead of Jesus.