It Came from the HTTP Referrers…

One cool thing about having a website is you get to see how people found you. If someone types in into their address bar that doesn’t tell me much, but if they do a search on google for “acoustic shitheads” and my site happens to pop up (it doesn’t, yet), I’ll know visitors of my site are looking for information about “acoustic shitheads.” I can also see where you searched from (Google, yahoo, etc.) or if you just clicked a link from another site to get here. Here are some interesting things from the last few months :

Weird Search Terms:
“philadelphia dads”
“chords for the philadelphia eagles fight song”
“recent picture of carnie wilson”
“sponge bob birthday invite downloads”
“carnie wilson booking”
“oompa loompa picture downloads”
“black nudist colonies pictures”
“cheap haircuts pittsburghpa”
“went to a nudist party tonight and had a great time seeing ever”

I forgot to mention the bands playing Saturday night. Come out to see me and stick around to catch:

Carfax Abbey