Open Mic Recap: The Living Room

The Living Room’s open mic was a lot of fun tonight. Jason Wheatly, Roz King, Keith Lewis, and Willie Tapps all put on great performances. Adrien and John blew everyone away with two originals and I’m sure they’ll be playing around a lot. I also enjoyed the guy who went right before me, John Romeo, and pretty much everyone else. The night was so good, I skipped the Crab’s open mic.

I felt like rocking out, so I started off with Gomez’s “Get Miles” and closed with “I Hope I Die on the Moon.” The Living Room always seems to have a great crowd thanks to Jason’s prodding. On a monday in the near future I’m going to be a featured open mic artist. The featured status lets me play for about a half hour at the start of the show.

It looks like the Living Room has settled on keeping the refrigerated shelf in the middle of the counter because it’s still there. It’s so distracting especially when someone opens its door and a blinding light shoots from the inside.

I hope you like this site’s new color scheme. The green looked worse and worse every time I looked at it. I also switched the megaphone icon from the “Random” topic to the “New” topic. Random got the famous chicken head and I couldn’t be happier.