Guitar Images

I added pictures of my guitars to the image page. They came out pretty nice and I should have a few more when Jake finds the time to send them to me.

I also changed the color scheme of the site from green to blue and removed the 3D shadowing from the boxes. I got rid of the shadows, because it limited how easily I could change the color scheme and so far I like the blue a lot better.

As for my “Current” block on the right, I have a hard time keeping up with my “listening” list. I listen to about 10 CD’s pretty heavily, so I’m thinking of changing it around. I also might keep a list of everything that has made the “Current” block.

As for this week, I think I’ll definitely hit the Crab’s open mic on Wednesday since I haven’t been there in forever. The Kelly Bell Band is playing Grape Street this Friday and I might check that out if I don’t end up driving to Illinois.