15 things I’m doing after OpenVisConf 2017

Today was the last day of the incredible OpenVisConf in Boston. I’m still digesting everything from the two days of talks, but here is my general plan.

1. Taking screenshots of my work in progress. So many of the talks had in-progress shots that showed their design and thought process and it made everything easier to follow.

2. Do more medium sized dataviz projects. I might not be able to crank out one every month, but I should do more smaller viz projects like I used to.

3. Turn my network graphs into scatterplots

4. Do at least one map project this year

5. Figure out what REGL is before the author is killed by a volcano

6. Try out WTFCSV

7. Build a particle viz for support tickets with Trello data.

8. Do more of those “draw the chart” tests that the New York Times puts out.

9. Use simulation.find() in D3!

10. Learn more about veroni

11. Do some text data mining on Shakespeare using tidytext

12. Put chart colors/styles in our styleguide

13. See if I can use Vega-Lite to generate all possible chart types at once for a data set, such as automobile deaths.

14. Make some generative art based on http://bengarvey.com/bounce/gravity.html

15. Build some color palettes using Colorgorical

BONUS 16. Hope I get into the d3.express beta

Kicking Richard Reid to the History Books

Normally I don’t curse on this site, but I can’t help it for this post so eye-muff the kids.

One person who is on my all time shit list is Richard Reid, the shoe bomber. He, of course, tried to blow up a 767 while flying from Paris to Miami by smuggling a bomb in his shoe and is currently serving a life sentence at that Supermax prison in Colorado that is sometimes shown on the discovery channel.? Because of this jerk off every person in America has to remove their shoes every time they get on a plane. It’s an overreaction to an isolated incident and it’s exactly the kind of thing terrorists are trying to accomplish.

The point of this post is that someone has finally developed a device that can detect bombs in shoes without you having to take them off. Genius! I hope this gets implemented everywhere, immediately.