37signals Sent Me a Gift for Pwning their Leaderboards

This year I took an AK to the Answers leaderboard at 37signals, mostly answering Highrise questions. The Answers board is the best place to learn how to use Highrise because if you have a question there’s a good chance someone else has already asked it. I scoured it during our implementation in April, 2010 and continued to read it in case anything new came up. In that time I started helping people out and answering questions myself and this week I cracked #3 on their leaderboard.

I cracked the #3 spot this week
I cracked the #3 spot this week

On Wednesday a packaged was delivered to my office. I wasn’t expecting anything, but it’s not unusual for me to get random samples for us to test run from customers. I opened it up to find 6 beer glasses from 37signals.

6 premium beer glasses
6 premium beer glasses

The genius move of this is not the free gift for a good customer who gives back the company he’s already paying $150/month for business software. Any company can write a algorithmic trigger for x number of questions answered gets a t-shirt, if then else, etc. and come out a winner. The best part was the note that let me know they researched enough about me to know that I brew beer and would appreciate good beer glasses.

note from 37signals
Ben – Thank you for all your hard work on 37signals' Answers page! You've been a huge help to our customers. We hope you can use these glasses for your next home brew. Thanks again from the crew at 37signals.

I love great customer appreciation stories and for once I got to be in one. Thanks!


7 responses to “37signals Sent Me a Gift for Pwning their Leaderboards”

  1. Wow..that’s an amazing example of customer delight! 🙂

  2. That’s pretty awesome Ben.

    37signals seems to be one of those companies that truly deserves the “customer centric” title.

  3. Ben,

    That is easily the coolest thing I’ve heard all week.

    Those 37 Signals guys are awesome. As an owner of a small SaaS firm, I’ve struggled with what thank you gifts would be good to send (which has been a harder question to answer than I thought it would be). The 37 Signals geniuses are a few steps ahead of us yet again. We’ll start researching online profiles, blogs, etc. to send personalized gifts now.



  4. This is what I call values of an entrepreneur.

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