Your Boss Can Still See You on LinkedIn

I haven’t used LinkedIn for a while and have been bad mouthing it occasionally (I call it the social network for people who hate social networking), but lately it seems like everyone I meet through work is on there. ?I logged in and answered a few network?invitations and did a search on my own company. ?Some people must think that you would only be on LinkedIn if you wanted to leave your job, so they have a Private setting so your profile can’t be read. ?When I did a search on my company, it returned 4 private results, displaying which company they currently work for, their job titles, and their location.

In a company of about 80 people it’s pretty damn easy to figure out who they are.

If I were a less enlightened boss who didn’t understand the value of professional networking I might be more alarmed. ?I understand if someone leaves for a better opportunity then that’s an opportunity I couldn’t or didn’t want to give them. ?I’ve lost many good (and bad) people over the years, so I understand the reasons why people leave and try to put together the best team I can.

Your privacy settings don't count for much on LinkedIn

Hope your boss is as understanding as I am!

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2 responses to “Your Boss Can Still See You on LinkedIn”

  1. Being on LinkedIn is considered pretty normal at my job. Heck, my boss put a recommendation in my profile! I don’t log in to it very often, though.

  2. I think in most places it’s becoming that, but some people see it like posting your resume on