Buffalo Wing Rating Scale

I have an informal Buffalo Wings rating scale of 1-10.? This is not your normal scale where 1 is awful, 10 is perfect, and everything in between could be graphed linearly.

One of the greatest foods of all time.
One of the greatest foods of all time.

My scale is more of a logarithmic function like this:

I like Buffalo Wings
I like Buffalo Wings

As you can see, there is a difference between wings rated a 3 and a 6, but I would gladly eat a 3 which is a normal person’s 5 (ie. average). In fact, you could measure how much someone likes a particular type of food by the shape of their 1-10 rating curve.? A straight line would be an average liking, but an “over” curve like my wing graph shows something I like, whereas an “under” curve would be something you don’t really like and would be more picky about the quality.? There may even be cases where you have an S curve, like so, where your enjoyment plateaus in the middle and then starts rising again after a certain point.? These foods would probably be things that intentially have various quality levels such as beer and pizza that can be enjoyed at many levels depending on cost.

I have never awarded a score higher than 8 for any wings, but as my graph shows, an 8 is ridiculously good.? So where can you find wings that score that hight?? Buffalo Bills in Sickerlville, NJ. They don’t have a website, but they have one review from James on Yelp.

Some other good wings:
Oaklyn Manor (Oaklyn, NJ): 6
Moriarty’s (Philadelphia, PA): 7
The Brickskeller (Washington, DC): 6.5
Pic II (Ancora, NJ): 6.5