The Pipettes @ mars-red

Scott from mars-red has been sending out about an email a day about the Pipettes show, but it wasn’t until about 1:30PM that I realized it was today. The lawn was about to get mowed at my house when it started raining, so I headed over to mars-red to check out the show.

The Pipettes are some sort of neo-60’s girl pop group. They wear polka dotted dresses and are backed by their band, the Cassettes. Their wikipedia bio is interesting:

The promoter, performer and guitarist Monster Bobby formed the group in mid-2003 with the intention of reviving the traditional Phil Spector pop sound and giving it a modern twist, after noticing the reaction girl group songs got during his DJ sets[3]. In collaboration with singer, poet and photographer Julia Clark-Lowes, who was inspired by Bill Drummond (and Jimmy Cauty)’s The Manual [1], he recruited friends from and around the local music scene[2]. The group have been called an experiment in manufactured pop, although the members’ take is that they manufactured themselves. [3] [4] The male backing musicians (officially called “The Cassettes”, although members have emphasised that the band is officially a seven piece) rarely appear in interviews or promo photos, adding mystique and emphasising the role of the singers. The three frontwomen wear polka dot dresses and synchronised choreography is a major part of their live shows, whereas The Cassettes can be seeing wearing yellow tank tops with their initals sewn onto them.

The Pipettes – Pull Shapes

About 100 people turned out to see them play three songs in the rain, but luckily they had a few tents set up. I liked it and I’m happy for mars-red that they were able to land such a big band.


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    Neat to have a name band pay a visit, but there wasn’t much to the Pipettes, as far as I’m concerned. It was kinda weird having all those people there squeezed into those tents, considering their three song set was over in ten minutes.