Wild At Heart

Jeanne and I watched Wild At Heart, a David Lynch movie with Nicholas Cage and Laura Dern. It’s a love story about two people trying to be together despite an over protective mother, sinister plots, and Willem Defoe’s disgusting teeth.

It was good, but I’d probably put it near the bottom of Lynch’s movies. I’m a huge fan and here is my list:

7. Dune
6. Wild at Heart
5. Lost Highway
4. Blue Velvet
3. Eraserhead
2. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (Only worth it if you’ve seen the show)
1. Mulholland Dr

I still haven’t seen the Elephant Man and I can’t even really count Dune as a David Lynch movie since it’s not shot in his characteristic style. He has another movie out now called Inland Empire, but it’s only playing in a handful of cities for some reason.


One response to “Wild At Heart”

  1. You have to see the Elephant Man. It’s amazing. Or at least I was impressed when I was 12.