Month: January 2007

  • Cheaters Never Win

    One of the all time great videos. It’s a news story that involves grape stomping to make wine. The two women are having a friendly contest to see who can stomp the most grapes. The woman on the left calls stop, but then cheats by stomping a few extra times. Karma catches up with her…

  • Gray Hair

    I found my first gray hair today.

  • State of the Union

    Two words: Dikembe Mutombo President Bush’s speech seemed designed to answer his critics that he doesn’t understand the real conflict in Iraq between the Sunnis and the Shiites, but his plan doesn’t seem to reflect any of these details. 20,000 more troops to secure Baghdad, but what then?

  • Sasha Smiling

    Check out this cutie!

  • Some Loud Thunder

    Listen to the new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album on myspace, although the sound quality is poor. They’re offering a really cool deal where if you pre-order the album they’ll let you download the MP3’s now. I tried to order it from Insound, but got an error in the checkout. Last time I bought…

  • Twin Peaks

    Don’t know how long these will last, but there are a ton of Twin Peaks episodes on YouTube right now. Here’s the first 16 minutes of the first episode. If you like them, go rent the DVD (although a warning: Season 2 isn’t on DVD!)

  • Beer Verdict

    I picked up a coil box, or jockey box, for my beer keg and tried it out last night sufficiently chilled and sufficiently carbonated. The verdict: It’s good! It’s a very bitter, hoppy IPA and Jeanne didn’t like it at all but I enjoyed it immensely. The only weirdness was that slight metallic taste, but…

  • Vicious Circle on Comcast on Demand

    If you have Comcast digital cable, go to the On Demand channel (probably channel 1). Select Music, Fuse, and then you can select the video for my friend Vinny’s band, Vicious Circle. The song is called Live Long and Suffer and my brother Jake is in the video. He’s one of the guys tied to…

  • Wild At Heart

    Jeanne and I watched Wild At Heart, a David Lynch movie with Nicholas Cage and Laura Dern. It’s a love story about two people trying to be together despite an over protective mother, sinister plots, and Willem Defoe’s disgusting teeth. It was good, but I’d probably put it near the bottom of Lynch’s movies. I’m…

  • Beer Verdict Still Not In

    I tried the beer the other day, and force carbonating it sort of worked. There was way too much foam on it as it came out of the keg, but there was definitely more CO2 in the beer itself. I’ll reserve final judgment until I try it out sufficiently chilled.

  • Trying out Google Adsense

    I signed up for Google Adsense to try it out. I’m curious to see if it’s actually possible to make money off of it or will I earn $0.30/year. Supposedly it will tailor the ads to things I’ve written about and, of course, it’s currently all about beer supplies.

  • Rescuing the Beer

    The plan was to crack open the beer on New Year’s Eve. It was supposed to finish fermenting for two weeks in the keg and the generated CO2 would carbonate the beer. I also wanted a way to chill the beer without having to ice the whole keg. The bar in my basement has an…