More on New CYHSY Album

The album is called Some Loud Thunder, which is also the name of a song they played all over their tour last year. I have a live recording of it, but I can’t find the link online anymore.

Of the two new songs, Long Song No. 7 is definitely the tougher one to get into. The sound is too big and isn’t as catchy as Underwater (You and Me) which sounds a lot like a song from singer Alec Ounsworth’s demo I got in 2003 at the Fire.


2 responses to “More on New CYHSY Album”

  1. When I first pulled up the page, I thought the title of the post was “More on the New CSNY Album.” I was thinking “I didn’t know Ben was such a big Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young fan…I didn’t even know they were still recording!”

  2. It’s actually for the new Crosby, Yanni, Hasselhof, Stills, and Young album.

    And it’s Steve Young, not Neil Young.