Westmont Car Wash

I like to give free plugs to local businesses when they deserve it. I brought Jeanne’s car to the Westmont Car Wash on MacArthur Blvd (just off Cuthbert) and couldn’t believe how great the deal was. For $9.58 (including tax, but not tip) you get the full service car wash which includes a trip through the automatic car wash, tire cleaning, inside vacuumed, dash wiped down, inside windows cleaned, and the outside hand dried. The whole thing takes less than 10 minutes. I brought my car back there two days later and got the same service.

It’s not even worth cleaning your own car if you live nearby.


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    I’ve had the same thought about the Car Wash. It strikes me how, after it comes out of the automatic-wash, there’s usually about 8 Mexicans wiping down every inch of your car, and they’re pretty damn thorough.