Wanted: Simpsons Clip

Does anyone know where I can find a clip from the Simpsons where Homer worked for Globex? The episode was called “You Only Move Twice” and it’s the scene were Homer is in charge of motivating a few guys on computers. He says something like, “Do you guys think you can work harder?” and they do.


3 responses to “Wanted: Simpsons Clip”

  1. I looked on TV.com but they don’t have it.

    Here’s the quote though:

    Homer: (in his new role as supervisor) Um, are you guys working?
    Employee: Yes, sir.
    Homer: Can you . . . work any harder?
    Employee: Sure thing, boss!

  2. PrincessPink Avatar

    I don’t know where to find that episode, but here is a website full of simpsons quotes and good stuff. http://www.worldwide-web.com/JeffreyBabad/Simpsons/characters.html