Yikes, I hope too many people didn’t see what was posted here a minute ago. Thanks Brian for pointing it out.


9 responses to “Zing!”

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    Why did you take it down? It was just a sign.

  2. DrScottJMD Avatar

    Scared the crap out of me, honestly. But still quite hilarous.

  3. A mistake on my part allowed someone to post something quite nastier than the funny sign. Let’s just say it included nudity and urine.

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    How did they hack it? Ok, you have to post the link so we can see it.

  5. No hack. I linked directly to the image instead of caching it here and they replaced it with something else.

  6. x_kicks Avatar

    Oh, so that wasn’t supposed to be the original picture? I was thinking that the whole thing was a set-up or a joke.

  7. The original picture was a funny sign from a hospital or something that said, Family Planning Advice
    Use Rear Entrance

  8.  Avatar

    It wasn’t urine, it was vomit! VP wins! No more hotlinking kay?

    <3, cocktumor

  9. Well, I didn’t exactly look at it long enough CT. I agree I messed up, but would have certainly appreciated an email instead of that!