Great Meal at the Tortilla Press

Oh man, I had the best dinner last night at the Tortilla Press in Collingswood. I’ve been there a bunch of times, but I decided to order this from the menu:

Pulled Pork with Chipotle Peanut BBQ Sauce
** National Award Winner ? Best Entr?e,
Peanut Advisory Board **
Tender pulled pork with our famous BBQ sauce. Served with chipotle mashed potatoes, black beans and green chile cornbread? $14.50

Two questions come to mind.

1. What the hell is the Peanut Advisory Board?
2. And how do I get on it?

It was awesome. I was surprised to see the pulled pork come without a roll, but the mashed potatoes, corn bread, and black beans were more than enough starch. I highly recommend it the next time you go.


3 responses to “Great Meal at the Tortilla Press”

  1. If my work experience is any indication, the Peanut Advisory Board is one of two things:

    1) The public relations arm for some association or organization having to do with peanut growers/producers. This is the most likely the right answer.

    2) An existence-in-name-only group of academics, farmers and other titans of the peanut industry that might have a PO box somewhere, but don’t actually meet or do anything except handout awards and tell us why peanuts generally kick ass. They probably get millions in federal funds to do it, too.

    If it’s number 2, then it is without a doubt the coolest job in the world anyone can ever have now or for eternity and is certainly worth using ANY MEANS NECESSARY to secure a position with.

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    Sounds like a good meal. My mouth waters on the thought of the Tortilla Press.
    I saw you and your wife (w/ her little baby belly) on the way over there on Friday from the window at the Tree House. I should have known that’s where you were headed. But you missed the farewell performance of the Forest Greens! Ellen’s off to college, and I believe Conal (the 4th Green) is off to Ireland.
    Great show.

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    oh I forgot to sign..