Mark Garvey’s Songs 4/4: Plastic Girl

I decided this couldn’t wait until Friday. It’s the grand finale of my Dad’s songs and I’m sure you guys will love it. Dad fell in love with it as soon as he heard it and he probably played it 200 times the last few years of his life. It was the first song I tried to find a recording of by him and I originally thought I’d only be able to copy it from the Garvey Corp Gong Show. I was psyched when I listened to my Dad’s minidisc recorder and found a copy there.

Interestingly, we always thought Plastic Girl was by Todd Snider, but looking it up today I found it’s by a guy named Mel McDaniel (link to that version). My Dad plays it the Todd Snider way.

So here it is, my Dad’s version of Plastic Girl.

Mark Garvey – Plastic Girl


4 responses to “Mark Garvey’s Songs 4/4: Plastic Girl”

  1. BridgetB Avatar

    Love it, thanks Ben.

  2. We were all psyched at Aunt Sheila’s yesterday when we heard you’d posted Plastic Girl. Dan burned it immediately and we had a little sing along. Thanks, Ben! And thanks, Uncle Mark!

  3.  Avatar

    I listened to Mark’s version yet again. Never get tired of listening to it. I think I am going to have Mike teach it to me on the guitar. If I could only learn one song, that’d be it !!!

  4.  Avatar

    Hey Ben:
    How did you know I was Guy Incognito and not Girl Incognito?