Rob Corddry Cares About his Fans

TiVo is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Not only does it allow you to watch shows you would have probably missed, but it allows you to catch subtle details no one even sees. For example, yesterday I watched a segment on the Daily Show with Rob Corddry about intolerance towards Racists. At the end of the segment Rob made a joke about all the races he dislikes and a list of the scrolled across the screen so fast there’s no way you could read them all.

To see what was on the list I used TiVo to slow it down and there were a ton of crazy entries like vegans, pre-op-transexuals, south africans (except the whites), Stephen Colbert, etc.

One of the entries said something like, “People who like to pause lists. What do you think this is, Lost?”

Farther down the line was an email address and I wondered if anyone had it. I sent an email to it and got this response.

Dear Ben,

Thanks for your email. Please enjoy this semi-personalized response, and an autographed picture with a special message just for you.



5 responses to “Rob Corddry Cares About his Fans”

  1. lol, a true “brush with greatness”


  2. I need TiVo. I saw that show and wondered about the list. I think I saw the South Africans line.

  3. That’s hilarious!

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    Do you still have that email address?

    I was at school with Rob at Umass in ’91 and he starred in a student movie I directed. We lost contact but I’m now writing scripts in Hollywood and he’s acting; I’d like to reconnect with him if I can.


    Stuart Hazeldine (feel free to Google me for authentication purposes)