Rambling and Rambling

First of all I have to give props to my cousin Jessica for scoring the highest score ever in the GameShow last month. She beat out Holly in the last two days.

For some reason my iPod stopped syncing up properly with iTunes, so I reformatted it and am in the process of loading everything back on.

The big Audubon yard sale is this weekend and I’ll be selling a bunch of things I don’t need. I’ve been pretty good with not holding on to stuff I won’t use, but you should always try to purge once a year.

Jeanne bought me two bags of craisins today!

Want to hear the Flaming Lips cover Bohemian Rhapsody? Sorry, the link is broken now. Their new album came out today.


One response to “Rambling and Rambling”

  1. PrincessPink Avatar

    Whoaaa- TWO bags of craisins?! Jeanne must really love you…