New Layout in the Works?

I’ve been playing around with a fixed width format for the site. To see the progress, head here and change your theme to “gelt” and let me know what you think. A lot of things might not work properly yet, but if you get stuck just go here and switch your theme back to “Boxed.”


6 responses to “New Layout in the Works?”

  1. DaytonaDave Avatar

    Definitely a less angry Ben look to it. I guess I kinda figured you always looked like that (screaming). Only issue I had was with the site-nav dropdown not taking me anywhere (IE & Firefox).

    Looks good though.

  2. Drop down menu doesn’t work yet. I need to write the javascript for that.

  3. GHMASON73 Avatar

    I like this. maybe a little too much white space up top (cold just be the way it renders in FFox in OS X), but otherwise, very nice and clean.

  4. Nah, you saw it with some of the new things I’m working on. Last night I gave up for the night in trying to fix that problem.

  5. The major whitespace problem should be fixed. I’m not sure if I’m going to fill the rest in or now. The drop down menu works now.

    Now I just have to fix things like these comment pages.

  6. That looks perfect. I like white space in general and you fixed the problem I was seeing. nice.