Month: February 2006

  • Hot as a Pistol

    I saw this over on The 700 Level and I had to repost it. Great story. Update: Unfortunately, YouTube had to take the video down.

  • Last Ricky Gervais Show Podcast

    The 12th and final episode of the Ricky Gervais Show was posted yesterday. Unfortunately, they’ll be charging a fee for future podcasts. The easiest way to check it out is through iTunes or other podcast software.

  • New Layout in the Works?

    I’ve been playing around with a fixed width format for the site. To see the progress, head here and change your theme to “gelt” and let me know what you think. A lot of things might not work properly yet, but if you get stuck just go here and switch your theme back to “Boxed.”

  • Freezing on the Astral Plane

    Last night Jeanne and I hit up the famed Philadelphia eatery, Astral Plane. The food was great although many of the menu items didn’t make it to our 9:15PM reservation. The lesson here is eat earlier! But MAN, our walk from 16th & Locust to the restaurant was ridiculously freaking cold. I think my body…

  • Awesome Neighbor

    While preparing for a few hours of snow shoveling this morning, I noticed my whole sidewalk and walkway were already clear. One of my neighbors went through with a snowblower.

  • February GameShow!

    Another near victory for me last month in Jason Zahn’s GameShow. I didn’t do too well through most of the month, but a late string of natural doubles got me close to the top. If I hadn’t sucked so bad at the start of the month I might have made it. The new game starts…