Adjusting the Album Formula

In trying to figure out a good formula for ranking my albums I wanted to balance between the average rating of each song, the number of times I’ve played it, and the sum of all the ratings in the album. The first thing I did was throw out any mixes like my Beck Random Stuff mix, which isn’t really an album. Next, I eliminated any albums with less than 7 songs, which were mostly singles or individual tracks.

I weighted the three categories as follows:
Avg Rating: 70%
Play Count: 15%
Sum of Ratings: 15%

Getting an average rating score was easy since it’s always on a 0-5 scale. The others were more difficult. I took the max value for play count and rating sum and made the scale from 0 to that number.

Anyway, here is a chart with the top 100 results.






2 responses to “Adjusting the Album Formula”

  1. GHMASON73 Avatar

    So I found the other person who bought a Johnny Bravo CD!

    I’ll have to try out the script on my iTunes Lib.

  2. ben Avatar

    Hah. My roommate in college had the CD, so he’s the one who bought it.