Month: January 2006

  • Richard Hatch is Guilty

    This is unbelievable to me. Richard Hatch, winner of the first season of Survivor, neglected to pay the taxes on his $1 Million prize and other income he earned as a result of his newfound celebrity. The jury on the first Survivor didn?t take long to deliberate and came up with a closely split decision…

  • New Built to Spill Song

    No good way to download it yet, but Built to Spill’s myspace site has a new song from their new album due out in April. It’s called Going Against Your Mind and it’s pretty good.

  • South Jersey Rap Video

    The guys from Wasted Apples are also in a rap group that put together this video. DJ Skeleton is entertaining enough by himself.

  • Podcasts

    Wow, most of the podcasts available through iTunes are awful. The only two I’ve found so far that I like are The Ricky Gervais Show (of The Office fame) and Mark Johnson’s BoardGamesToGo. Anyone know of any other good ones?

  • OMI Forum Back Online

    The Odd Man In forum is back online for now. There may be some trouble using your account in both Odd Man In and the message board as I had to copy over some of my mods. It’s better than nothing though. OMI Message Board

  • Cutie Theater for the iPod

    Attention owners of the new video iPod: You can now enjoy the magic of Cutie Theater wherever you go. Cutie Theater has now been especially formulated for the iPod using a great, free piece of Software called Videora Converter. Enjoy!

  • Adjusting the Album Formula

    In trying to figure out a good formula for ranking my albums I wanted to balance between the average rating of each song, the number of times I’ve played it, and the sum of all the ratings in the album. The first thing I did was throw out any mixes like my Beck Random Stuff…

  • FTP Problem Still Persists

    The FTP problem I mentioned a few days ago still exists, which is pretty annoying. At first they didn’t know what was causing it, but now they said it’s affecting everyone on my server. I must be the only one still using it. ha. I know I’m on one of their older ones and I…

  • Album Rankings

    I did some playing around again with the iTunes library data and made some Excel charts. Which years had the most of my top 100 albums? Find out! Also, here’s a huge list of my top 50 albums according to my iTunes algorithm. I don’t agree with all of it, but it’s not bad.

  • Data Analysis on my iTunes Library

    You can export an XML file from iTunes that contains all the data from your music library. Today I’ve been playing around with this perl script that can read the file and export it into an HTML page. What I really wanted to do was use it as a starting point to help me crunch…