Sara O’Brien Saved By A Trampoline?

Wow, I just read this in the Courier Post. It turns out that local singer/songwriter Sara O’Brien was trapped in her house when it caught fire. To escape she jumped out the window and on to a trampoline!

O’Brien — a 30-year-old singer-songwriter who is also a certified yoga, Pilates and kick-boxing instructor — narrowly escaped death when the house she was living in earlier this year was engulfed in flames due to a faulty lamp.

She and her roommate escaped the smoke-and-flame engulfed house through a second floor window. O’Brien actually jumped onto a trampoline below.

Wow, that’s incredible. Sara used to stop by the Treehouse open mic once and a while and I’m glad she’s ok. The article also goes on to mention a charity event she is involved with called BreastFest.