Month: December 2005

  • 2005 Awards

    The past few years I’ve mentioned which album I thought was the best that year. My pick for last year was Rubber Factory by the Black Keys. It’s a great album, but it would have never made the cut had I listened to Arcade Fire’s Funeral, which I bought in February ’05. I can consume…

  • Sara O’Brien Saved By A Trampoline?

    Wow, I just read this in the Courier Post. It turns out that local singer/songwriter Sara O’Brien was trapped in her house when it caught fire. To escape she jumped out the window and on to a trampoline!O’Brien — a 30-year-old singer-songwriter who is also a certified yoga, Pilates and kick-boxing instructor — narrowly escaped…

  • OMI Message Board is Down

    The Odd Man In message board was hacked by a worm that attacks unpatched phpbb boards. It looks like all the data is intact, so I’ll be able to repair it. The message board is closed for now.