CYHSY on NPR’s All Things Considered

All Things Considered has a piece on the Internet hype surrounding Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Here is their timeline:

* June 9, 2005: Dan Bierne writes about the band on his MP3 blog.
* June 14, 2005: Pitchfork Media posts a review of the song “In This Home On Ice.”
* June 15, 2005: Blogger Gothamist posts an interview with the band.
* June 20, 2005: Blogger Stereogum announces the band’s show at the Knitting Factory.
* June 21, 2005: Gothamist reports that David Bowie was in the audience at the Knitting Factory show.
* June 22, 2005: Pitchfork posts one of a slew of reviews of Clap’s first album.

Hmmm… maybe they are missing on February 15, 2005


One response to “CYHSY on NPR’s All Things Considered”

  1. Gotta admit, I heard it live and when they teased the story saying something about blogs driving the success of CYHSY I had to wonder if BG was going to get some national radio love, but alas… no. Robbed.