Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ The TLA last night

You know what’s the worst feeling? When you go to print out your will call confirmation number “just to be on the safe side” and you look at the email and it says, “Delivery: US Mail.”


And it’s an hour before the show starts.

Shit. Shit.

So stupid ass never sent me my tickets and I just assumed they were at will call until the last minute.

This paragraph was at the end of the email I got from them.

If you have selected regular mail and have not received your tickets within 72 hours of the event you must alert NEXT Ticketing of that condition. To report tickets not received in the mail, please contact or call NEXT Customer Support at 1-800-431-3462. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS E-MAIL For additional information on this policy please refer to Terms and Conditions at

So I called the number and left a message for someone to call me back. I also tried calling the TLA to see if they could do anything, but they only had a recording on the line.

Jeanne and I went to the TLA in the hopes that I would get a call back from nexttix in time. I explained to the ticket seller my problem and she called nexttix herself and said, “they better call her back.” (The girl working at the TLA was really nice about it by the way. Many ticket agents would have just said “tough” and moved on to the next customer)

We waited and waited and still no call back, so eventually I had to buy two more tickets. Luckily it wasn’t sold out and the bright side is that proceeds from the show went to help victims of hurricane Katrina. Plus, they were only $15.

Some lessons were learned.

1. Always check to make sure you have your tickets in plenty of time before the show.
2. Be twice as careful ordering from a company like

Anyway, how was the show? It rocked.

Opening up was Dr Dog who was worth seeing just for the guy on the right dancing like crazy. He was a tiny man with long hair, a hat and sunglasses and he couldn’t. stop. dancing. on stage while playing guitar and occasionally singing. Good stuff.

Next up was the NOLA soul/hip-hop/jazz/rock Stooges Music Group. It took a while, but I have to give these guys credit for getting 500 indie rockers to dance. They were a lot of fun.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah put together a great set of almost every song they’ve ever been known to play. They even played Heavy Metal, which they didn’t play at any of their other three Philly shows this summer. The sound was great and much better than the First Unitarian Church and the Khyber. You could hear a lot more detail in their songs.

Alec definitely isn’t content with doing the album versions, either. He drifts off into different octaves and even threw a solo (?) into This Home on Ice. The band mostly sticks close to their lines, but Alec is either bored or just likes to mix things up.

Anyway, the show was awesome. They closed with Upon this Tidal Wave of Youngblood and then a Neil Young cover. The highlight for me was Heavy Metal and it sounds killer live.

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