About a week ago I finished Neal Stephensen’s Cryptonomicon and I thought it was great, although a bit long. I felt like I was reading it for a year, but the pacing picked up by the end.

It’s the story of three people, two set in World War II and a third in the present day. Connections between then come to light and they are all somewhat related to the science of cryptography. An exerpt from the prequel, Quicksilver, is included at the end so now I’ll probably have to read that, too.

If you’d Cryptonomicon, I highly recommend you check out this site, What’s up with Enoch Root?.


2 responses to “Cryptonomicon”

  1. the last time i opened cryptonomicon(october 2004), i found $120 that i’d put in there for safe keeping when i was at the beach during the summer and completely forgotten about. money discoveries aside, it’s a great book, especially since so much of it takes place in the philippines. represent!

    i heartily recommend snow crash and quicksilver but i haven’t had the chance to check out the system of the world yet. man, that guy writes a lot.

  2. That’s awesome.